HQ-350XT X-ray Film Processor


  • Automatic water level control: no risk of washing water overflow.
  • No-turn guide in the rack: no risk of film jamming or scratching.
  • Chemical filtration improves developing power and enhances film density.

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Key Features of HQ-350XT X-ray Film Processor

  • Vortex drying fan: dry films more efficiently during high-speed processing
  • Tanks equipped with sensors: exempts you from taking care of chemical’s condition

Specifications of HQ-350XT X-ray Film Processor

Film format 3×5-14×17 (7.6×12cm-37×43.5cm)
Film applicable X-ray, CT, MRI, etc.
Developing time 3 speed: 25s, 35s, 45s
Cycle period 90s  /  127s  /  160s
Capacity (14×17″) 70pcs/hour  /  50pcs/hour  /    40pcs/hour
Chemical Temp. Range 28 – 38 (±0.5)
Drying temp. Range 50 – 65 (±2)
Tank capacity 5.5L
Replenish mode Automatic(according to area monitored by infra-red sensors)/Manual
Washing Controlled by a solenoid valve, starts only after feeding of film
Process procedure Developing->Fixing->Washing->Drying
Power 220v/50Hz, 3KVA
Dimensions 86×58×120cm