DM156 Digital Mammography Machine


  • Alltrusted, one of the most experienced mammography machine manufacturers, produces digital mammography machine equipped with flat panel detector, generator, x-ray tube, and compressor. It’s able to capture ultra-fine targets in imaging and find small lesions.
  • This machine is equipped with advanced image processing software to enhance your image quality.

More Information

✅ Pickup available, usually ready in 7+ days.

Key Features of DM156 Digital Mammography Machine

  • Innovative image enhancement features help you see more detail to give you greater confidence with your diagnosis.
  • The processing software is a one-stop system that brings together the entire radiography workflow including registration, examination, post-processing, and documentation.
  • Excellent image quality with the large size detector.
  • Simpler workflow by moving to the next view with only one touch.
  • Optimal accurate diagnosis with image processing software.
  • Automatically process images after acquisition.
  • Reduce image noise, improve soft tissues detail.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-learn user interface.
  • Registration management, image acquisition, image viewer, image processing, film printing, system settings

Specifications of DM156 Digital Mammography Machine

  • Flat Panel Detector: a-Si Flat Panel Detector; Scintillator material: CsI; Images size: 240mm x 300mm
  • High Frequency Generator: 5kW, 40kHz±1Hz, 20 – 35kV, 1kV step, Cathodic Current 70-140mA / 20-30mA, mAs range: 10 – 500mAs
  • X-ray Tube: Focus: 0.1 / 0.3mm; Voltage: 20 – 35kV; Anode type: Rotating; Anode heat capacity: 300kHU
  • C-ARM STAND:  FID: 1420mm – 2020mm; Arm Circumgyrate Angel: -135° – +180°; SID: 650mm

Configurations of DM156 Digital Mammography Machine

Systems Parts Quantity Model
Detector Flat Panel Digital Detector 1 /
DX Ray Diagnostic Workstation 2 /
X-Ray System High-Frequency Generator 1 /
X-Ray Tube 1 /
High Voltage Cables 2 /
Collimator 1 /
C-Arm Stand 1 /
Compression Device 2 /
Compression Device  (Optional) 1 /
Mask 1 /
Foot Switch 1 /
Foot Switch (Optional) 1 /
Accessories Regulated Power Supply 1 /
Report Laser Printer 1 /
Grid (Optional) 1 /
Emergency Brake Switch 1 /
Patient Handle 1 /
Display 2 /
Computer 2 /