SONTU300-MARS Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System


  • Sontu300-Mars hospital X-ray machine for sale has 10 inches G-sensor touch-screen; The metrics such as SID, FID distance, and tube rotation angle will be measured during the rack operations.
  • Four functions including freely chosen for APR, image preview, and back-end optimization for rack performance.
  • Aluminum column mold-opening technology is introduced for the first time in the healthcare industry that ensures the top-standard rack, feasible and compact structure, highly reliable and durable, with elegant appearance.

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✅ Pickup available, usually ready in 7+ days.

Key Features of SONTU300-MARS Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

  • Fixed-bed with four-way horizontal floating tabletop and electromagnetic lock;
  • The high-voltage generator from SONTU ensures a stable performance and excellent technical supports;
  • Easy exposure parameters settings, and various advanced image processing system options available;
  • Meet the needs of all body parts, one machine meets all clinical applications. Faster, safer, and more accurate than CR;
  • The advanced APR control system can save countless shooting parts and shooting conditions in advance according to different user requirements, making the operation even easier.
  • This hospital X ray machine cost is very reasonable.

Specifications of SONTU300-MARS Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

  • Flat Panel Detector: Wired a-Si Flat Panel Detector; Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Photodiode; Images size: 430mm x 430mm (17″ * 17″)
  • High Frequency Generator: 50kW, 50kHz, 40~150kV, 1kV step, 100~630mA, mAs range: 0.5mAs-1000mAs
  • X-ray Tube: Toshiba Brand; Focus: 0.6/1.2mm; Voltage: 150kV; Anode type: Rotating; Anode heat capacity: 230kHU
  • Collimator: Control: Manual; The average brightness of the light field:>150lux; Input power: 10A 150W, AC24V

Configurations of SONTU300-MARS Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

No. Product Name Quantity
1 Flat Panel Detector 1
2 DXRay Diagnostic Workstation 1
3 High-Frequency Generator 1
4 X-Ray Tube 1
5 Floor-mounted system 1
6 Bucky Stand 1
7 Collimator 1
8 Grid 1
9 High Voltage Cables 2
10 Paper report printer 1
11 Microphone/Speaker 1