MTP50 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System


  • Compact structure, simple operation, small space requirement, easy installation, and few mechanical failures.
  • A four-way floating radiography table achieves automatic or manual operation, which is accurate and easy for the clinical positions.
  • Electric up-and-down x-ray tube can be automatically followed by the flat-panel detector on bucky wall stand.

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Key Features of MTP50 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

  • Rotating tube column stand fits stretcher and wheelchair examination.
  • LCD touch screen panel on the stand column can easily achieve adjusting parameters near the table.
  • Electric Control Motion System, Assist in precise positioning, greatly improve work efficiency.

Specifications of MTP50 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

  • Flat Panel Detector: Wireless a-Si Flat Panel Detector; Scintillator material: CsI; Images size: 430mm x 430mm
  • High Frequency Generator: 50kW, 60kHz, 40~150kV, 1kV step, 100~650mA, mAs range: 0.4~650mAs
  • X-ray Tube: Focus: 0.6/1.2mm; Voltage: 150kV; Anode type: Rotating; Anode heat capacity: 300kHU
  • Collimator: Control: Manual; Filter: 1.2mm Al; Light: LED lamp; Automatic SID laser reading; LCD screen value display

Configurations of MTP50 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

No. Product Name Quantity
1 Flat Panel Detector 1
2 DXRay Diagnostic Workstation 1
3 High-Frequency Generator 1
4 X-Ray Tube 1
5 Floor-mounted system 1
6 Bucky Stand 1
7 Collimator 1
8 Grid 1
9 High Voltage Cables 2
10 Paper report printer 1
11 Microphone/Speaker 1