DTP580 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System


  • Collimator: Control: Manual; Filter: 1.2mm Al; Light: LED lamp; Automatic SID laser reading; LCD screen value display
  • UC Arm: FID: 465~1700mm, SID: 1000~1800mm, Rotation Range of UC arm: -30°-+120°, Rotation Range of Detector: -30°-+30°

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Key Features of DTP580 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

  • Rapid one-stop examination workflow: It can be used for one-stop health checkups of the chest, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, and fluoroscopy without extra equipment. Most of the x-ray examinations can be performed by the device, which can be operated easily and conveniently.
  • Reduce examination time, and improve efficiency: Patients can quickly take most of the x-ray check conveniently without running around various examination departments. It can greatly reduce medical inspection time and the patient waiting time, and improve the efficiency of the physical examination section which performs the health checkup for hundreds of patients every day.
  • Substantial cost savings with fewer staff in fewer rooms: The all-in-one solution covers many different x-ray checks ranging from fluoroscopy studies to high-definition radiographic imaging, which brought with it significant space savings through the reduction of rooms, and increased flexibility in the physical examination section through reduction of staff needed to operate. The hospital saves substantial labor and room cost.
  • Compact structure, simple operation, small space requirement, easy installation, and few mechanical failures.
  • LCD touch screen panel on the stand column can easily achieve adjusting parameters near the table.

Specifications of DTP580 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

  • Flat Panel Detector: Wireless a-Si Flat Panel Detector; Scintillator material: CsI; Images size: 430mm x 430mm (43 × 43 cm)
  • High Frequency Generator: 50kW, 60kHz, Radiography: 40~150kV, Fluoroscopy: 40kV-120kV, Radiography: 100~650mA, Fluoroscopy: 0.5-6mA, mAs range: 0.4~650mAs
  • X-ray Tube: Focus: 0.6/1.0mm; Voltage: 150kV; Anode type: Rotating; Anode heat capacity: 330kHU

Configurations of DTP580 Digital Medical X-Ray Radiography System

Systems Parts Quantity Model
Detector Dynamic Flat   Panel Detector 1 /
DXRay Diagnostic Workstation 1 /
X-Ray System High-Frequency Generator 1 /
Control Console 1 /
X-Ray Tube 1 /
High Voltage Cables 2 /
Collimator 1 /
Motion Control System UC-Arm Stand 1 /
Mobile Photography bed 1 /
Platform (Optional) 1 /
Accessories Grid 1 /
Report Laser Printer 1 /
Microphone/Speaker 1 /