NeuViz 64-Slice CT Scan


NeuViz 64 In transplants from high-end CT, share the core technologies with NeuViz 128. It brings more comfortable application experience. Higher quality images and lower dose to customers.

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Key Features of NeuViz 64-Slice CT Scan

  • Confidently diagnose all types of cardiac disease patients with our robust cardiac imaging capabilities.
  • Reduce scan time and improve throughput with Quad Sampling technology.
  • Acquire diagnostic quality images at a low patient dose with O-Dose optimized hardware and ClearView iterative reconstruction.
  • LCD navigation integrated into the gantry provides a real-time, accurate display of current working status, patient information, breathing navigation as well as ECG and scanning parameters.
  • Quad-Sampling: By dynamically moving the focal spot axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%, thus having improved resolution, reduced artifact, and extended scanning ranges.
  • Dose Modulation: Automatically controls the tube current (mA) longitudinally and rotationally, increasing the signal over areas of higher attenuation to maintain constant image noise and decreasing signal over an area of less attenuation to save radiation dose.
  • Carefully crafted design features improve ergonomics for technicians.

Specifications of NeuViz 64-Slice CT Scan


The generator uses modern, low-voltage slip ring technology to provide a constant high voltage to the CT x-ray tube assembly.

Output capacity: 50 kW

kV selections: 80, 100, 120, 140 kV

mA selections: 30 to 420 mA

X-ray Tube

Anode storage capacity: 5.0 MHU

Maximum cooling rate: 815 kHU/min

Focal spot (IEC): 0.6 mm x 1.2 mm (small) | 1.1 mm x 1.2 mm (large)


Material: Solid State – Gadolinium Oxysulfide (GOS)

Slip Ring: Capacitive – 1.1 Gbps transfer rate

Data Sampling Rate:     Up to 4640 views/revolution/element

Slice Collimations:  64×0.625mm, 32×0.625mm, 16×0.625mm

Slice Increment:     0.1mm- 20.0mm

Monitor 19″ LCD