NeuViz 16 Classic CT Scan


Includes tube and generator with 5.3 MHU thermal capacity, output power of 50 KW generator, output voltage range 80, 100, 120, 140 VK, generator output current range 10-420 mA, and continuous scan duration in 100 seconds.

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Key Features of NeuViz 16 Classic CT Scan

  • 64-slice platform: NeuViz 16 Classic is designed based on a 64-slice CT platform that makes it can provide expand clinical applications and create a new generation of high-performance CT.
  • 4MHU tube: Powerful tube design longer continuous scan time, which enables large patient long-range scanning.
  • 32-row detector: Efficient detector design results in high X-Ray conversion rate and low noise, which can produce high definition images. Large sub-millimeter detector coverage enables large-range fast scan, which decreases scan time and patient dose.
  • Golden standard design: 70cm aperture enables more patients to be scannable, ±30°mechanical gantry tilt can decrease radiation dose and give better image quality, vertical moveable couch enable motion difficult patient easily get in and off the couch and make sure every patient at the ISO center.
  • Low dose solutions: Unique O-dose platform and advanced ClearView Iterative Reconstruction algorithm reduce radiation dose while maintaining diagnostic image quality.
  • Full range of application: A robust AVW offers advanced image analysis and processing capabilities as well as intuitive workflow guidance.

Specifications of NeuViz 16 Classic CT Scan


Detector No./type 608×32 channels; GOS solid state

Scanning time 0.78s, 1s, 1.5s, 2s,(360°rotation)

Collimation Slice thickness 16X1.25mm,16X0.625mm

8X0.625mm, 4X0.625mm, 2X0.625mm

Gantry tilt ±30°

Gantry aperture 700mm

X-ray tube

Max. Heat capability 4.0MHU

X-ray generator

Powering rate 28 kW

Patient couch

Vertical movement range 43-97 cm

Horizontal movement range 0-1580 mm

Max. scan range 1500 mm

Max. Load capacity 200Kg

Operator console

FOV 50-456mm

Reconstruction matrixes 512×512,768×768, 1024×1024

Display matrixes 1024×1024

Reconstruction speed Up to 12 images/second

Monitor 19″ LCD