NeuViz 128 Slice CT Scan


NeuViz 128 will bring our customers more comfortable advanced applications, experience, higher definition images with a lower dose in the shortest time.

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Key Features of NeuViz 128 Slice CT Scan

  • High Spatial resolution (24lp/cm) with isotropic High Definition (iHD) and Quad Sampling technology.
  • Quad-Sampling: By dynamically moving the focal spot axially and longitudinally, sampling density is increased 400%, thus having improved resolution, reduced artifact, and extended scanning ranges.
  • Micro-STAR detector: The newly designed detector is improved with higher sensitivity, which can largely increase the dose efficiency and stability while with minimized electronic noise.
  • iHD(isotropic High Definition): The iHD function can improve the spatial resolution of the system, through which a high-resolution recon of 24lp/cm@0%MTF can be achieved.
  • 1024 matrix imaging: The technique can support a 1024×1024 reconstruction matrix, a much higher resolution compared with a general 512×512 matrix.
  • MAR+: MAR+ changes the algorithms in the abnormal area with high pixel value by creating the human mode. It removes the highlighted artifact and returns it to the real tissue structure.
  • ClearView: An advanced iterative algorithm for double spaces, of which one is for original raw data space and another one is for image space. With three levels of Slight, Standard, and Ultra, we can get perfect image quality with the lower dose.
  • High-resolution scanning (1024 x 1024 matrix, small focal spot) provides the spatial resolution necessary to perform lung nodule and inner ear studies.

Specifications of NeuViz 128 Slice CT Scan


The generator uses modern, low-voltage slip ring technology to provide a constant high voltage to the CT x-ray tube assembly.

Output capacity: 80 kW

kV selections: 80, 100, 120, 140 kV

mA selections: 10 to 667 mA

X-ray Tube

Anode storage capacity: 8.0 MHU

Maximum cooling rate: 931 kHU/min

Focal spot (IEC): 0.6 mm x 1.2 mm (small) | 1.1 mm x 1.2 mm (large)


Material: Solid State – Gadolinium Oxysulfide (GOS)

Slip Ring: Capacitive – 1.1 Gbps transfer rate

Data Sampling Rate: Up to 4640 views/revolution/element

Slice Collimations: 128×0.625mm, 64×0.625mm, 32×0.625mm, 16×0.625mm, 16×0.3125mm(iHD), 8×0.625mm

Monitor 19″ LCD

Configurations of NeuViz 128 Slice CT Scan

  • PET Gantry
  • CT Gantry
  • Scan Couch
  • Host computer system
  • AVW workstation system
  • System Software
  • Image transfer/Networking
  • PET Image reconstruction
  • CT Image reconstruction
  • PET Acquisition
  • CT Acquisition
  • Heart Scan System
  • Raw data
  • PET Image Quality
  • CT Image Quality
  • Installation