Analogue X-ray Machine


Since X-rays are absorbed in different degrees when passing through the human body, the amounts of X-rays passing through the human body is different, the density distribution of various parts of the human body is portable information, the intensity of the fluorescence or sensitization caused on the fluorescent screen or on the photographic film is quite different, so the fluorescent screen or on the photographic film (after development and fixation) will show shadows of different densities. An Analogue X-ray Machine is suitable for photographing the head, limbs, thoracic cavity, waist and abdomen of the human body in wards, emergency rooms, operating rooms, ICUs, etc.

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Key Features of Analogue X-ray Machine

  • Multibody parts, multi-position photography parameters for adults and children have been preprogrammed; easy to learn and operate even to new operators.
  • The compact design of the x-ray monoblock makes it much easier to install.
  • Self-protection and fault-code alarming function for much safer operating.
  • The bed can float freely, electromagnetic brake to make the photography position more accurate.
  • Standard: Bucky Stand: used for the vertical photography of head, chest, pelvis, limbs, and so on.
  • Standard: human graphical LCD touch screen control console makes compartment photography be possible.
  • High-frequency high voltage x-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power make excellent x-ray source, low skin dose, and more sharp image printed by x ray film printer.
  • Tableside human graphic color LCD touch screen for parameters setting, together with the remote control exposure method make the operation much safer and convenient.
  • Adopt the technology of kV closed-loop control and mAs digital closed-loop control to ensure the accuracy and reproducibility of the x-ray dose.

Specifications of Analogue X-ray Machine

Main Component                            Technical Spe.
X-ray generator

(including console)

Output Power 50KW
Power Voltage 380V±38V
kV range 40~150kV
mA range 10~630mA
mAs range 0.1 ~630mAs
Exposure time 0.002~6.3S
X-ray tube Anode Heat Storage Capacity 240kHU
Small focus 0.6
Large focus 1.2
Anode speed 3000r/min
Collimator Inherent filtration 1.0mm Al /75kV
Light Source LED
Radiographic Table Top Table Size 2100X800X650mm
Bucky Size 18X18inch
Table longitudinal movement ≥900mm
Cassette Movement Distance ≥500mm
Vertical Chest stand Vertical moving range ≥1200mm