ENT OPD Treatment Unit


As a leading ENT treatment unit manufacturer, Alltrusted provides different types of new ENT medical devices; Integrating multiple patented technhttps://www.alltrustedmed.com/products/dental-ent-equipment/ologies with international last industrial design; Presenting perfect features and visual experience; Satisfying high standards of quality.

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Key Features of ENT OPD Treatment Unit

  • Screen touch, back button, foot switch, easy to operate.
  • The seat surface of the chair can be rotated 90° to the left and right, 90°-180° seat back angle, move because of need.
  • Stable tolerance, 300KG bearing capacity, stable base and gentle lifting.
  • The magnetic headrest can be moved up and down.
  • Automatic viewing light.
  • The patented insert technology is compatible with all kinds of film in the market, which is plug-and-light and low in energy consumption.
  • 2.5cm thin appearance, LED light source, 9-speed brightness independent choice.
  • The thermal insulation chamber is used for preheating and heat preservation of the endoscope, and is used as needed, and time is convenient.
  • Spotlight: The brightness is greater than 3000Lx, the color temperature is within 3000K-7000K, and the concentrating effect is obvious.
  • With resistance balance arm, heat-proof handle, universal movement can be fixed at any position. Match specific usage scenarios.

Specifications of ENT OPD Treatment Unit

Name Quantity
Work table 1
Sprayers Two straight and one curve 3
Flusher 1
Attracter 1
Endoscope Pre-heater 1
Endoscopic insulation chamber 1
Drop bottle 1
Central Control Touch Screen 1
Medical Cotton Can 4
12 Inches Instrument Tray 2
Instrument Collection Tank 2
Spotlight 1
Led Film Viewer 1
Otoscope 1
Electric Examination Chair 1
Computer Table 1
Auxiliary Chair 1
Instrument Cabinet 1
Printer 1
Computer and HD screen 1
Graphic system 1
SD/HD/HHD camera 1
Cold light and light guide 1
Surgical microscope 1