ZC-S300 Children Dental Chair


ZC-S300 dental chair package is designed for aged 4 to 12 children. The minimum height of this machine is 32m so that even 4-year-old children can get in or leave the chair. Its animated appearance makes children feel like it’s a toy and feels less scared when having an oral examination. The small but delicate backrest gives children more comfort and security

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Key Features of ZC-S300 Children Dental Chair

  • Trolley-type doctor table with touch and color screen: the touch screen is convenient for doctors and nurses to operate. The table gives parents more space to accompany their children to reduce children’s and delicate anxiety and fear.
  • LED operation light with sensor uses aluminum handles which can be disassembled for high-temperature sterilization.
  • The multifunctional assistant control panel has 4 handles. The touch panel uses touch buttons to prevent liquid from entering the circuit board. There’s a handle on the side for the doctor to move it easily.
  • The backrest uses aluminum material and a gear-type structure that allows it to be adjusted to multiple angles and positioned firmly.
  • Saliva ejector with 90° rotation reduces the distance with children, allowing them to spit accurately.
  • The arm pad is designed for children’s palms. Small size allows children to hold comfortably and increases their sense of security. The right arm pad can be flipped down to make it easier for children to sit in and leave the chair.
  • One-piece carton and cup filler with cartoon appearance make children fall in love with it at a glance.

Technical Configuration of ZC-S300 Children Dental Chair