Dental Ultrasonic Scaler


As one of the leading dental ultrasonic scaler suppliers, we manufacture great quality B5/P5L/P7L/P9L dental ultrasonic scaler machine that is with an auto water supply. No consumables, no cracking aluminum alloy LED handpiece. Wide-mouth bottle.

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Key Features of Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

  • No consumables in waterway system. It can save much repair cost and charge after sales.
  • Detachable aluminum alloy handpiece compatible with EMS: It is the world’s first invention in the field of scaler handpiece, which obtains 15 patents.
  • Now some competitors are following us to develop such an aluminum alloy handpiece or copy ours.
  • Built-in power supply with smaller volume is much safer, more convenient than portable one.
  • Identifying scaler tip automatically. It means that you can’t use endo function normally at the scaling area and vice versa.
  • Noiseless working pump. Not only the pump can save the consumables but also it is silence.
  • Independent and wide-mouth bottle is easy to be cleaned and added liquid inside. We offer 2pcs bottles, 350ml/pc.

Configurations of Dental Ultrasonic Scaler

Adapter Input 100 – 240V~   50/60Hz 0.7A- 0.4A
Main unit input 30VDental Ultrasonic Scaler1.2A
Main unit fuse 250V/T 1.6AL
Output power 3W- 20W
Output primary tip vibration excursion ≤200μm
Output tip vibration frequency 28kHz±3kHz
Output half-excursion force <2N
Water pressure 0.1MPa~0.5MPa (1bar~5bar)
Weight of main unit 0.65kg
Weight of adapter 0.34kg
Operating mode Continuous operation
Classification 93/42/EEC Class Ⅱa
Electric shock protection type Class Ⅱ
Degree of protection

against electric shock

Degree of protection against

harmful ingress of water

Ordinary equipment (IPX0), Foot switch (IPX1)