Dental LED Curing Light China


  • This widely-used dental medical equipment has 360° rotatable aluminum alloy lamp cap, which can be autoclaved (135℃, 0.22MPa) for more than 500 times. Good drop resistance. No cracking. Much better than traditional plastic materials.
  • Protection cover of lamp cap is made of quartz glass. Light transmittance of quartz glass is over 95%. Good drop resistance and wear resistance. Better than common glass or PVC materials.
  • Detachable Mini light shield keeps invention patent. It effectively filters blue light by 98%. The user’s visual field is much better.
  • ENT OPD treatment unit is also available at Alltrustedmed.

More Information

✅ Pickup available, usually ready in 7+ days.

Key Features of Dental LED Curing Light China

  • Battery capacity 1400mAh. It will take less than 3 hours for a full charge. A fully charged battery can be used for more than 700 times under super high intensity mode or more than 1000 times under high or low intensity mode.
  • When device is in low power status, the screen will flash all the time to remind the user to charge. Standby time is longer than 1 year.

Configurations of Dental LED Curing Light China

  • Low intensity mode (L): 1000~1300mW/cm². Time setting: 5S, 10S, 15S, 20S
  • High intensity mode (H): 1600~1800mW/cm². Time setting: 3S, 5S, 10S, 15S
  • Super high intensity mode (SH): 2200~2400mW/cm². Time setting: 1S, 2S, 3S
  • Lamp cap material: Aluminum alloy
  • Light intensity: 1000mW/cm²-2400mW/cm²
  • Time setting: 1S 3S 5S 10S 15S 20S
  • Battery capacity 1400mAh
  • Product description: 1S LED curing light