Dental Implant Motor


When the thread cutter function [P5] is activated, the speed in both forward and reverse operation modes is 20rpm and can no longer be changed. When the foot control is pressed, the thread rotates inwards until the torque is reached. When the set torque is reached, the device automatically switches to reverse operation. Disengaging and then re-engaging the foot control will switch the device back to forward operation. By the way, cautery machine for dental can be used together with the implant motor, which can help to lower the risk of dental implant surgery.

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Key Features of Dental Implant Motor

  • One button operation, ease of use, super safe and convenient.
  • Freely programming, satisfy the needs of a variety of users.
  • Unique high definition LCD screen with no refection, satisfy for 360°glance.
  • Coolant volume setting at 100% reaches a minimum of 90ml/min, it starts simultaneously with the handpiece to ensure sufficient water cooling for the handpiece.
  • Foot control functions: Water Volume switch, program conversion, motor rotating direction control, step-less speed control.
  • Motor: Slim size and artistic design; Comfortable grip and ideal balance; 5-70 Ncm Torque range 5-70 Ncm with 20: 1 handpiece.

Technical Configuration of Dental Implant Motor