Dental Air Compressor


The dental compressor can generate clean, oil-free compressed air in a highly efficient way, and it is meticulously crafted to better fit integrated dental units.

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Key Features of Dental Air Compressor

  • Our dental instrument is a kind of quiet dental air compressor with exceptionally low noise levels while running, thus providing a quiet work environment, and this is both healthy and relaxing for dentists and patients. The low noise is resulted from a special structure which could effectively reduce the noise to lower than 65dB when generating compressed air.
  • Our dental compressor is fitted with a water drainage outlet. Hence, water in the compressed air is filtered and then discharged from this drainage outlet.
  • The internal and external sides of the cylinder are coated with an environmentally friendly layer respectively. As a result, the cylinder is easy to clean, and the compressed air is very clean.

Technical Configuration of Dental Air Compressor