Dental & ENT Equipment

Dentistry generally checks and treats oral problems and symptoms. The dental care instruments commonly used are: dental chair, dental air compressor, dental handpiece, dental cautery machine and dental implant motor, etc. Dental medical equipment is mainly used for the examination and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. Dental chair action is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair. To start the motor, the drive mechanism will make corresponding movements, so does dental chairs. According to the treatment needs, the control switch can be operated to complete the rise, fall, bending, sit-up position, and restoration of the dental chair. A whole complete Dental chair should include a dental chair, handpieces, scaler, curing light, suction machine, air compressor and etc. ENT medical devices are commonly used in ENT surgery for the treatment of ear-nose-throat related disorders, we have various kinds of product for you to choose, such as ENT OPD treatment unit, wall-mounted ENT diagnostic set, Eye and ENT diagnostic set and ophthalmoscope, etc.

Radiology & Imaging Equipment

Equipment used in radiology department generally includes ordinary X-ray machine, digital radiography & imaging equipment including computerized X-ray photography system (CR) and direct digital X-ray photography system (DR), computerized tomography (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI), and digital subtraction blood vessel Contrast system (DSA), etc. Radiology department has always been a traditional necessary department in general hospitals and has made great contributions to the medical research and teaching of hospitals. With the organic combination of electronic computer technology, modern physics, electronics and traditional radiology, modern radiology has inserted the wings of high technology. Radiology has shown new vitality in the medical field and plays a more and more irreplaceable role in the diagnosis and treatment work.


Ultrasound Scanner Machine

In the diagnosis of abdominal viscera diseases, ultrasound diagnosis is often the first choice in the examination of abdominal diseases because of its rapid speed and affordable price. In addition, there has been a great development in the fields of cardiac ultrasound, obstetrics & gynecology ultrasound, and intracavity ultrasound in recent years. At the same time, with the involvement of interventional ultrasound and ultrasound therapy, liver and kidney puncture, cancer treatment, shock wave lithotripsy, fistula, and other examinations and treatments developed rapidly, which make ultrasound diagnosis and treatment can be done at the same time. Ultrasound examination can be applied to cardiovascular, abdomen, obstetrics & gynecology, small organs, soft tissues, chest cavity, and other visceral organs and structures.